About Street Rodding American Style

The Street Rodding American Style crew travels to towns all across the Midwest to see the car shows that these communities put together and to view street rodding at its purest form because we know that every street rod has a story behind it, where it came from and how it was built. In our travels we have found the one denominator that all these street rodders, male and female, young and old, have in common, street rodding is more than just a hobby, it’s an addiction.

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About David Wolfe


 Standing in Front of a Street Rod

David’s First Car Was A 1966 Chevelle Super Sport

David Wolfe’s interest in street rods began at a young age with his first model car called The Li’l Coffin.

It wasn’t long after that when he discovered the “sort-of” hot rod sound that could be achieved by sticking playing cards in the metal spokes of his bicycle.

All this paved the way for his first car at the age of 15, a 1966 Chevelle Super Sport. A car he still wishes he had today. Now he spends whatever time and money he has on a 1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside which will be finished… well, when he has more time and money.

Interestingly, David does have interests outside the realm of street rodding. From enjoying the flavors of sushi and the passion of Michigan football to even enjoying sushi while watching Michigan football.

To sum it all up it’s probably safe to say that to David street rodding is more than just a hobby, it’s his addiction.

About Cy McCormack


Cy McCormack Standing In Front of a Street Rod

You Can Find Cy In His 1964 Volkswasen Bug That Is Slammed To The Ground

Cy McCormack has been involved in the production of Street Rodding American Style since the beginning.

During seasons 1 and 2, Cy could be heard doing the narration for the shows but when Cy did a quick interview with David during season 2, David knew Cy would be perfect in front of the camera but Cy’s love for street rods didn’t start then.

It started at the age of 4. His parents recall that every time he saw a street rod he would point and to his best ability, tried to imitate the “vroom, vroom” sound that he heard. That love is still evident today when you see him during the summer months tooling around in his 1964 Volkswagen Bug that is slammed to the ground.

If you were to ask Cy what his other passions in life are he would give you a list starting with Kansas State football to the raw smell of racing fuel. With a list like that, you can tell Cy is rarely bored with life.

About Patricia Brown


Patricia Brown from Street Rodding American Style

Patricia says it best, “Silly boys . . . street rodding is for girls!”

Before Patricia Brown was seen in front of the camera for Street Rodding American Style, she could be seen behind it. She began her work with the show as part of the camera and production crew.

Patricia’s passion for power and speed was evident when she first took to the drag strip with her Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. Since then, that bike has been replaced with a 1125cc Harley Davidson Buell.

To say that Patricia is an adrenaline junkie would be a slight under statement since she also enjoys taking her GTO auto crossing and numerous outdoor sports (ATV riding, para-gliding, skiing to name a few).

She is also very passionate when it comes to her favorite sports teams: Texas football, Wichita State basketball, and Wichita Wings Soccer. Believe it or not when she isn’t co-hosting Street Rodding American Style she is also an Assistant Principal at an elementary school.

So you do the math, Patricia is a busy woman. When it comes to a woman’s perspective, Patricia says it best, “Silly boys . . . street rodding is for girls!”

About Shelly Wolfe


Shelly Wolfe from Street Rodding American Style with her Horse.

Shelly’s First Car Was A White 1974 Mustang II

Shelly has been part of Street Rodding American Style ever since season 1. She was part of the initial planning of the show as well as some of the narration. Now Shelly does all the narration.

Shelly considers herself a “Ford Girl.” She attributes her bias for Fords to her dad. At the car shows she is always drawn to the T-birds, T-buckets, and of course, the Mustangs.

In fact, her first car was a 1974 white Mustang II. These days while she still drives a Ford, the only Mustang in her life has 4 legs rather than 4 wheels. Well, technically he’s a Quarter Horse, not a Mustang, but you get the idea. Horses are her real love.

Ask her and she’ll tell you “Horses, they’re more than just a hobby, they’re an addiction!”